awesome resources for real estate agents

7 awesome resources for real estate agents

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Are you looking to enhance your real estate business or career? Then, consider these 7 awesome resources for brokers as a start to beat your peers.

  • PROMO.COM- It is an online video maker that will skyrocket your business. Create engaging video ads in minutes. As a real estate agents you will need to use videos as part of your marketing. You don’t need to a pro in this. This tool has drag and drop features and easy to use over 3,000 award winning video templates as well, including footage, copy, and licensed music. There is also effortless video editor that makes video creation FAST and EASY. So, there is no previous experience needed. There are more incredible resources for real estate agents check them out in this video. 

  • JOBBER– You can count on Jobber to keep your business organized. You have options to choose for your virtual assistants. This platform is great if you need freelances to take a load of your admin work. They can even edit your videos if you have created from Promo. When someone visits your site, you want to provide great customer service experience. Stay on top of requests. Get back to clients request coming in by phone, email and your website, or offer the options to your customer to book with you right from your calendar. Quickly send professional quotes by email or text message that are easy for your to track and your customers to review and approve.
  • HOME SAVI– This awesome resource for real estate agents is great when you are starting in your career. Learn how to simplify home purchases for your clients. There is credit monitoring, budgeting, and educational video to learn about home purchasing. Browse properties like you do in Zillow. Customize your search, and save your favorites. Find purchasing power, get preapprove and work with a local lender. Get discounts on home goods and services, and review current trends.
  • UPLISTING – This is a property management system platform if you would like to do Airbnb rentals. List on Airbnb,, Vrbo and Google with confidence. Launch your direct booking website in seconds. Automate repetitive business tasks. Manage all guests and booking in one place. And create 5 star guest experiences.
  • CORTADO– Manage everything on your mobile device. Enroll your devices in to the app quickly and easily. Just log in to your central MDM console. The clear and user-friendly interface makes adding, configuring and managing your mobile devices fleet really easy. Assign policies, certificates and apps easily and push MDM profiles over-the-air to the device. You can even speed up enrollment by using Apple Business Manager or Android zero-touch enrollment.Enable key features for employees working on the go. Use the MDM console to define corporate email, Wi-Fi and VPN settings for individual users, groups or the entire enterprise. All settings are delivered over-the-air to the devices.Leverage the proven management capabilities of each operating system. Cortado MDM allows you to easily deploy any app without prior adjustments or additional management layers.Manage app permissions and configurations centrally. All mandatory apps are deployed and automatically installed on the assigned devices. This of course also works when deleting apps.Empower users by letting them install trusted apps themselves. Simply add recommended apps to your own enterprise app store which is available to the user via the self-service portal.

    A sophisticated password system ensures security even if passwords are entered in public spaces or during offline mode. Additionally, encryption of corporate assets on the device can be forced.

    Use policies to define permissions, such as for the use of the camera, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. You can also restrict the download of attachments, access to app stores, and much more.

    If a user loses a device, just remotely lock the screen to prevent unauthorized access. An option to locate the device is also at hand. In addition, data on the device can be remotely wiped – either fully or partially for just the business data only.

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  • AMERICAN EXPRESS-Apply for an American Express Card. We can both get rewarded if you’re approved! Earn points for every purchase you make and the redeem the points towards what you like.
  • REALFLOW-Start investing in real estate. You don’t need to have experience. There are over 100,000 investors have use this platform all in one software to start and grow their real estate investing business. There are marketing tools designed to automate your inbound marketing strategy, deliver more leads and increase profit. Instantly download buyer and seller and private lender leads. Automate single step and multi touch direct mail campaigns. Launch your custom websites in under 3 minutes. Automate email messages, keep contacts consistently engaged and increase conversion.  Automate mobile marketing for 24/7 availability. A full suite of real estate marketing materials and create marketing library. Forms and features capture opt-in data on existing websites.  And Automatically create property specific listing pages for each deal when you’re ready to sell.  These are fantastic resources for real estate agents and for brokers as well.

There are also business tools such as repair estimates and rehab plans without the contractor. There is deal analyzer, CRM, Power Matching, Comparable, paperless office, power linking, and smooth fax. Get started today.

What are your thoughts about these awesome resources for real estate agents? I would love to read them in the comments.

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