Build Your Small Business Dream Team and Scale Up Your business

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Ever wanted a platform that is going to be a virtual dream team? I am introducing you to 20Nine. That is a platform that is all-in-one as you can see here in the video.
The product is used for sales and CRM for marketing, for CV management, recruitment assigning document management and Company [For both]. 20Nine is the platform that you can have connections to Linkedin,  Office 365, Google workspace, Microsoft Teams, WordPress, Frontnox.

This has a knowledge base, and you can have instructions videos, free training customized to fit.
There is also Digitalization Academy and best of all the price. The price is $2.90 per month. Where will you find a platform That is so good like this?
It is very effective, very efficient, and really provides you whatever you need. You’ll also have communications where you can categorize relations, get calls and emails locked, and send personal mass emails in one App.
So this thing can work also on your phone, not just on the desktop.
You can get a client from LinkedIn or via web forms. And there are tons of web forms. You can utilize document. You can have all kinds of templates. You can have clients sign directly from your mobile sales and CRM.
Manage the sales with a drag-and-drop, pipeline to get fast and grade overview. And the best of all is invoicing, send invoices through your mobile or computer. Copy all the invoices. If your invoices are the same regularly, this is kind of like a virtual Freedom office. So you have phone calls, SMS Maps.
You have all these tools, emails and calendars. You have document templates you’ll have sales orders and invoices. You have offline storage and business and network and web. So all-in-one can be all virtually done. If you are a one person running your business while you have  a virtual team that can utilize the same thing. And this is also used for 25+ countries. It’s not just in the US and Canada. Best of all you have a platform that has many features for a cheap price.
I am going to really suggest for you to sign up. It’s only one minute to sign up with your company and contact, connect your Office 365

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