How to Career Change Fast Even If You Have No Experience

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There is nothing more exciting than doing something that you love. But what happens, that passion had just worn out and you no longer feel the love and continue pursuing your career? It time for career change.

I had a passion in the hospitality industry for several years while I was earning my hospitality degree from New York City College of Technology, CUNY. I loved being in the kitchen, trying to cook new dishes, and serving customers at the same time. I learned to multi-task and be quick on my feet. I also learned how to use POS systems (Point of Sales). I had the passion until I realized I do not have the day schedule that I want. I always smelled like food, which was not pleasant. And then I did some research and saw opportunities out there that anyone can do. I list them on this video, if you would like to watch.

Here is some career in hospitality. These career tips are for midlife career change as well. These careers will improve your personal finance, too.

  1. Become a writer. You can have a company write you drafts of articles in any copy that you want. Here is the Article Writing Co-
  2. Become a photographer. Photowhoa has all the necessary tools to enhance the photos. Here is their website Photowhoa-
  3. Get yourself a website of your own to showcase your photography skills, or your copy-writing skills with Bookmark. Here is their website to check it our. bookmark-
  4. Become a virtual Human Resource Rep with CakeHr. The software has anything that you need form hiring papers to interview candidates and job posting. –
  5. Learn how to fix credits with Credit Repair. They teach you how to open your own business with their training. –

Here are some MORE resources for you.


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