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How to Monetize Your Podcast: 9 Best Ways To Monetize

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Are you looking to start a podcast and don’t know where to begin? Or do you have a podcast but feel unmotivated to continue? Perhaps, your podcast can be monetized will that motivate you to continue? How to monetize a podcast is a bit challenging. You probably thinking of ways to make money with your podcast and feel kind of stuck.
There are listeners who are your silent fans and it will be a disservice to stop feeding them the information that you are sharing on your podcast. There are several ways I found helpful to get your podcast monetized and start make money in no time.
Monetizing a podcast can help you pay for the costs of hosting and post production and can work as some passive income to help save up some extra money for the future. Everything worthwhile takes time, and it is no different with building a podcast with a dedicated audience and monetizing it.
Let this year of 2022, make it an abundance year for you.
Want to learn how to monetize your podcast? Here are the 9  best ways to monetize a podcast. Make money with your podcast this year.

  1. Guest Hosting
  2. Sponsored Ad Read
  3. Audio Course
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Blog Show-notes
  6. Sponsorship
  7. Patreon Support / Membership
  8. Email Marketing Your Podcast
  9. Sell Your Products- E-Commerce

Let me explain!

  1. Guest Hosting- When I ask my listeners what type of topics and guest they would like to hear, I see if there is actual a need to have a guest on my show. Based on my target listeners, my podcast is about careers. It is called Let’s Talk Careers with Sara. Hence, my listeners would be interested to listen about careers. However, when I look at my demographics, I see that there is 49% of them women listening, so I target them as moms, stay at home moms, so I would invite a health coach, accountant, life coach as my guest. In particular the ones who are looking to get publicity. If you watch the video above, I explain about creating media kit in order for the guests to see the value of how many fans I have and how many leads they will potentially get for the price that they pay to be on my show. My price is typically between $175- $275. As the audience grows and I provide more opportunities for my guest the price increases as well. Download my script that I use to book about 500 guest speakers for my show.
  2. Sponsored Ad Read Twice-I find business owners or self employed individuals who have ad budget to sponsor a podcast. I create a 15 seconds ad and get the approval from the sponsors. Typically pricing for that is between $50-$250. I read the script twice on the show as a pre-roll or midroll.
  3. Audio Course-I have seen some podcasters use some of their episodes as an audio course that is specifically designed for their sponsored members who are paying monthly a specific amount and as a bonus they get an audio course. You can have sponsored members pay as little as $1 a month-$20 a month.
  4. Affiliate Marketing- I share my affiliate coupon on the show, sometimes in the description when I post the link to my social media.
  5. Blog / Show-Notes– I convert the podcast into a blog and have Search Engine Optimization do the work to attract more readers who will eventually become my listeners. Those new readers are potentially to enroll into audio course and become a monthly loyal member.
  6. Sponsorships-Podcorn is a platform for podcasters who are looking to get sponsorships. There are many sponsors who are listed in that platform and are looking for podcasters to give them room to sponsor on their shows. Note: The rates are typically between $5-$20 per 1,000 listener.
  7. Patreon Support / Membership- Patreon is a platform for podcasters who are looking to place their members in one platform, rather than Facebook Groups, or WhatsApp groups. You can create your own rates and shout out on your podcast and social media for your followers to support your show. In return, you can give them incentives such as digital products, audio course, etc…Check out my Patreon Page.
  8. Email Marketing Your Podcast- It depends how many subscribers do you have. I have about 2,000+ subscribers and include this information in my media kit. So the sponsors, the guest hosting, who are interested to have their products mentioned with my subscribers there are additional fees included.
  9. Sell Your Products – Here is how you can make money with your podcast. You can sell digital products such as templates, workbooks, ebooks. Or you can sell physical products such as merch. It can be caps, water bottles, T-shirts any thing that will have a logo of your podcast on it. This is great to sell for your membership supporters who already support you. Selling your products is one of the best way to monetize your podcast.

Here you have the 9 best ways to monetize your podcast. I would love to read what is the name of your podcast and who are your target audience. What is your takeaway from this blog? Share in the comments.

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