HOW TO WRITE A STAND OUT RESUME in 30 minutes guaranteed

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It is time to look for a job no matter if it is still a pandemic. There are bills to pay. Tuition to pay. Student loans to pay. It is not healthy to stay home and collect this pennies from unemployment. So, let’s shape up your resume in less than an hour. Today you will learn how to write a STAND OUT resume in less than 30 minutes GUARANTEED.

I have been a career coach since 2015 and writing resumes since I was 18 years old. My resume hacks have never failed my expectations in getting a job. There are five sections in the resume:

  1. Your name and title along with your contact information should be included in the resume on the top. Look at it as though you are introducing yourself to someone that might be a recruiter or a hiring manager. What to include as contact information? Your location, only the city and state, your email, and phone number.
  2. Summary of qualifications. There used to be a section called objectives. However, it is obsolete and no longer relevant to add to our resume. It is wise to mention your objective in the cover letter and at the interview when they will ask you “Tell me about yourself.” Summary of qualifications kind of summarizes your experience and skills in a particular field.
  3. Education – it is a must in every field to include education, even if you have just a high school diploma. Include certifications, awards, and nominations as well.
  4. Skills- in this section include technical and language skills, all your software and computer knowledge that you know, and all the languages that you know.
  5. Experience- include only relevant experience. I describe the different types of resume formats in writing a resume.

Watch the video to see it in action.

Learning how to make a good resume can only help you reach the goal in getting interviews. Let me know in the comments below your experience in writing a resume. If you still struggle in writing one, here is a bundle of resume log that you can download the templates for any resume you like and use the 500 power words by industry when writing your resume.

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