How To Write An Amazing Resume Hiring Managers will Notice?

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Tips For Career Change Resume

You are on the verge of looking for a job perhaps for a long time. This is the time to reflect on your skills and see what positions you may be suitable for. After Covid hit the world, it affected so many employees and employers as well. Hence, job seekers should assess their transferable skills before writing their career change resume.

  1. The way to find out your transferable skills, you write down a list of what you like to do. First, answer these questions: How To Write An Amazing Resume Hiring Managers will Notice?: Do you like to write? Draw? Math? Do you like to play with kids? Do you like to be in the office? For a much detailed list and examples watch this video.
  2. Next, identify your dream job and salary. If you love drawing and designing, find out the salary and ask yourself if that salary is what you want.
  3. Then, target companies by searching number of employees and if they have multiple locations. Companies who were in multiple locations were able to maintain their employees.
  4. The next step is updating your linkedin profile.
  5. Lastly, start writing your resume for that dream job that you want and include the skills that you had acquired for that position.

I have created a resume log with 500 keywords that you can use on your resume based on your field. You can download that here.

Want to assess your skills? Fill out this form. Share this post on social media and with your friends. Let me know in the comment what is your career journey that you changed to? What is your new career now?

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