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Media Kit and Sponsorship

Sponsor Spotlight (Email Feature)
We will complement our daily editorial content with a spotlight on YOUR brand’s objective, up to 30% share of voice. We will highlight your brand’s attributes, where to buy, and more, all in the Hungry Girl voice that readers know and trust. This ad will also include a custom image, links to your site, and other calls to action you’d like to feature.

Click Here For Sponsored Spotlight Example

Deluxe Sponsor Spotlight (Email Feature)
Enhance the impact of your Sponsor Spotlight feature with a banner and intro copy at the top of our editorial content. By surrounding our content with your messaging, your brand will be top of mind for our readers. This newsletter feature gives you up to 50% share of voice.

Click Here For Deluxe Email Feature Example

PREMIUM! Sponsor Special (Dedicated Email)
An entire email of custom creative content with 100% share of voice. This is the only content Sara  Yusupov’s subscribers will receive that day, giving your brand maximum impact! The email can include custom recipe ideas, multiple photos, various calls to action, and more.

Click Here For Premium Email Example

Custom-Created Content
Sara Yusupov is known for our marketing expertise. Under your direction, we will create custom content that feature your product. We’ll also deliver industry-level photography and create a custom landing page on our website for the content. The content can be amplified via social media and newsletter inclusion.

Click Here for Examples

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Sponsored Video

Bring your brand to life via custom-created video content. We will highlight your product or initiative with custom recipe ideas, tips & tricks, or by featuring our favorite attributes. We work with expert video-graphers and editors to produce industry-level results. Amplify your video via social media and newsletter inclusion.

 Click Here For Example

Podcast Sponsorship

Guest Feature

 You will be invited to the show and share your expertise that may attract listeners. We will plan the topic together. Banners will be designed for promotion layouts.

To Be Featured as a Guest Sign Up Here

Ad Commercial Placement

The ads will be placed as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. You have options to choose for length time: 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds.

Scripted Ad Read by the Host

The Host will read the scripted ad twice per episode. 

Social Media Shout Out Sponsorship

Your website and services will be mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. We will use specific hashtag with your name and tag your name or business name to our 15K+ followers. For YouTube shout out or appearance, you may discuss with the host on how you would like to be featured. 

To Download the Media Kit, please Click Here

Advetorial Sponsorship

You will be interviewed for an upcoming article and it will be published on our website and other online publications. 

To Sign Up for Advetorial Click Here.


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