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Having your name on publications and articles can help you with your reputation. Such as,

  • Grab attention to the media outlets which lead to more press releases.
  • Build Search Engine Traffic to your website or blog.
  • Expand your reach to give your social media a boost which has helped Doctor.Mike 
  • Earn respect- display your expertise 
  • Manage your online image through proactive reputation management 

There is nothing easier and better than investing in PR marketing. 

Imagine what can happen once you have your name mentioned in the article. You will be more credible as an authority in your niche. You have the opportunity to be found by radio hosts, TV networks, and podcast hosts. 

The cost of the interview and the publication is $6,600 per year or $550 per month. . Once the interview is finalized and the article is published, you will have the link  to upload to your website as a portfolio. 
If you are interested to hire a publicist to interview you and to write a story about you, then sign up below to see if you are qualified. 
Here is what will happen once you sign up, 
– You application will be reviewed to see if you are qualified to be  written about your services. My team puts their efforts into the right candidate to promote their name in the publication. 
-Should you qualify for the publication, someone will reach out to you to book an appointment for the 15-minute preliminary call to explain the process and the next step. 

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