From the Desk of Sara Yusupov,

Dear Client, 

I have reached out to you in order to share an important information you may have not realized before. As a leader in your industry, it is important that you are a reputable leader in your social circle.  

I have a radio show that is aired every Wednesday night at 10pm EST on Armed Radio Global. The show is called Let’s Talk Careers with Sara. My listeners are in a stage in their career that they need to hear guests advising on their growth financially such as getting a promotion, starting a side hustle, or transitioning to full time entrepreneurs, or even staying sane in their work. The radio has about 200K+ listeners and 500K on the email lists.

What’s more?

Every time the show is aired, it is converted into a podcast, which will be distributed to 33 platforms including to online radios. The show is played for long term. The reason it is converted into a podcast is for our listeners who have missed to listen LIVE can listen at their own time and are able to download the show and listen on their devices offline. The guests who are featured on my show will have the opportunity to be heard numerous time by listeners and their CTA [call-to-action] is effective. Hence, if you are an author, for example, you may increase your book sales by listeners learning about you and purchasing your book. 

You are probably asking HOW can I help you build your reputation?

  • You will be booked for a guest appearance on my show. 
  • You will be featured on my website or on Linkedin Article Publishing. 
  • There will be 2 ads read by me as your host. 


  •  Promotional banners and social media 
  • Prelaunch banners (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram)
  • -captions and hashtags will be included for you to copy and paste and post on your social platforms along with the banner. Post launch banners (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram)
  • Teasers up to 10 minutes
  • Email newsletters

Another offer for publicity, based on your chosen plan, articles will be featuring you on a monthly basis on topics that is relevant to your industry. 

Here is what others are saying:

I enjoyed being a guest speaker on Sarah’s talk show. She is friendly, professional and asked great questions about my company and my advice for others looking to start their own businesses. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Karen Yee
Karen YeeSocial Media Manager
I loved being a guest speaker on the talk show with Sarah, she was very polite and never interrupted me. I think she asked me very good questions right on the money and very smart and intelligent. She is a very intuitive person and knows when to ask the right questions. I loved being on the show where i can help others as well get more recognition as a professional, which is what Sarah help me do.
Shmuel Paltiel
Shmuel PaltielCPA

Yes I am interested and would like to learn more


If you choose to become a member, my team will book you 3 guest appearances on various podcasts. 

As a member you will get 

2 bonuses:

—3 published articles on Linkedin Article Publishing and my blog.

—3 post designs for social media (pick 1 size for each design facebook, linkedin, etc…)

Be interviewed and featured on amazing podcasts that have your target audience. Podcasts establish your authority and build your personal and professional brand.

My team will book you for podcast interviews to help you grow your target audience. 100% of the work is done by our team to match our clients with high rated podcast or radio hosts. Guest podcast interviews MADE EASY!! Learn more how my team can help you grow your brand by using podcast interview bookings.  

Here is how the process works:

1. Sign up – and book a call with us. You will have a manager assigned to you. We will introduce each other and will have a brief orientation. 


2. Account manager will book a call with you and will provide the ongoing support  to ensure success while interviewing. This will be the opportunity to discuss the areas of interest for you and agree on a road map.

3. You will get your calendar integrate with the account manager so you will be ready for the next guest appearance. You will be matched to the right podcasts with our extensive list of podcasters from different genres.

4. The manager and you will discuss creative solutions to audience outreach and social media engagement after your podcast interviews. The manager will prep you and make sure that all of your podcasts go as smoothly as possible.

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